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During our JAGO courses we do not follow coursebooks. The classes involve the use real language of here and now, as found on the Internet. Together with the teacher you define your individual needs, problems and skills. There is no need to modify the material invented and imposed on by the author of a standard coursebook!

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Throughout the course the teacher is there to help you and identify the course of action. We teach in a modern way and accurately address your individual needs - that's what you need in today's world, right?

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In JAGO, we provide our students with free access to the internet and multimedia, modern e-learning platform of our school. We constantly develop it and add new content!

JAGO teacher-student connected minds

You learn what you still cannot do, and do not just cover the consecutive pages from the coursebook.
What is more: outside of regular JAGO classes on the school premises, you learn when you want!
You automatically receive immediate feedback about what you already know and on what you still need to work on.

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Do you want to take advantage of JAGO offer? It is simple: just take the placement test and notify us of your willingness to participate in our classes. If you have not yet studied a foreign language, no problem, you only need to fill in the short questionnaire and application form now!

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