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The Administrator uses cookies on the site, i.e. small text information stored on the user's end device, which can be read by the Administrator's IT computer system.

Cookies are created for the purpose of enabling the Platform to function properly - including logging in to the Account on the Platform (the file expires after one year if no logout has occurred) and verification of the pop-up message from the Administrator displayed by the User (file expires after one day).

Using these files will not cause any configuration changes in the User's end device and the software used by them.

The user has the option to disable the use of cookies in the web browser he uses at any time - this will, however, cause the Platform to work improperly (it will impossible to log in to their account). In order to delete cookies, please follow the instructions of the browser you use.

The administrator, like most other websites, stores HTTP queries directed to the server (the so-called logs). They include the public IP address of the entity entering a specific page, the exact date of entry and information about the version of the operating system and the web browser. The logs prevent does not enable associating information with specific persons.

The logs are collected only for diagnostic purposes and are related to the security of the Platform. They are removed automatically after 12 months.

The Administrator does not use other technical solutions, constituting a form of interference in the User's equipment/software - including those in the form of plug-ins/additions to the Internet browser.

JAGO Language Preschool

Language and Sport Preschool

JAGO Language Preschool

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