Requirements for participation in courses

Rules and regulations

Terms of participation in language courses in JAGO Foreign Language School.


  1. The school ensures:
    • the teaching of languages ​​according to the curriculum appropriate to the age and language level (syllabi available at JAGO's office),
    • qualified and experienced Polish teachers as well as native speakers,
    • evaluation and constant control of learning by means of:
      • continuous supervision of teachers by JAGO methodology supervisor (through class observations),
      • participation of teachers in workshops and training courses,
      • final and semester evaluation,
      • detailed descriptive reports and regular assessment;
    • use of a well equipped school library,
    • the opportunity to buy textbooks and other teaching materials through us,
    • safe and healthy learning environment in modern and well-equipped classrooms,
    • certificates of course completion promoting students to higher levels of advancement.
  2. The school reserves the right to change the lead teacher during the school year, due to reasons organizational or independent from the school.
  3. The school is responsible for minors during the classes only within our facility.
  4. The course participant agrees to comply with the payment dates of the subsequent instalments as stipulated in the agreement, the purchase of textbooks (in the absence of a promotion), regular participation in classes, following teacher's instructions, behaving in accordance with the social norms and standards.
  5. In case of violation of any of the provisions of Point 4, the school has the right to immediately delete the student from the list of participants.
  6. Absence of a student does not exempt them from paying fees for the classes.
  7. A student may resign from the course for justified reasons under certain conditions separately included in the full version of the Rules and Regulations of JAGO School.

(Full terms and conditions are available for inspection at the school office)

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