Learning Arabic


Sunset in the desert, dinner among the dunes, camel safari or off-road in the sand, the highest buildings of the world, the most expensive hotels, artificial islands, passionate belly dance, markets full of dizzying aromas. Yes, it is the Arab countries.
The world of many contrasts.

The Arab world

One of the six

Arabic is used by nearly 285 million people worldwide. It is the official language in almost 25 countries, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.

It is one of the six official languages ​​of the United Nations, as well as the language of the UN General Assembly. Among the most commonly spoken languages ​​in the world, the Arabic language is No. 4th.

Traditional Moroccan lanterns

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The Blue Ocean

One of the strategies to control markets by companies - the Blue Ocean Strategy - says that to succeed in the market, an access to a free, undeveloped space must be secured.

Among foreign languages ​​one of the blue oceans is the Arabic language. In Poland and most European countries it is still a market niche. If you want to stand against strong competition, do something that others do not - start learning Arabic!

Arabian dancer

It is non-risk profit, with a guaranteed rate of return on investment!

The capital of luxury

Who has not dreamt about experiencing the life of glamour and luxury for a while? Just take a short trip to Dubai - the world's capital of luxury and the land flowing with gold, where the world's first 7-star hotel was built and you can see the most expensive car makes in the streets.


Interestingly 1/3 of all construction cranes in the world are ... in the centre of Dubai.

So if you want to swim in the highest pool of the world, go to Dubai today or ... once you have learnt the Arabic language.

Hospitality and courage

The two main advantages of Arabs? Courage and hospitality, which are the basis of their culture.

So if you take a journey into the unknown around the mysterious Arab countries, it may happen that someone will invite you home. Arabs are very open-minded people who often invite, even unknown guests, to a family dinner. Remember to eat a lot and praise the host for what they have prepared.

Arabian family

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Winter in the middle of summer

Who said that skiing can only be done when it is white and cold outside?

Only in the United Arab Emirates can you take to the slopes after a day of going to the beach and tanning! Thanks to artificial ski slopes you can combine winter madness with the summer's soaking up the sun. And if you do not like skiing, no problem, after all, there is aerobics in the snow!

Arabic fountain

In the world of flavours

Arab cuisine is a world full of colours, aromas, flavours and fragrances.

Moroccan souk

Take an exotic journey through this extraordinary cuisine and see how real falafel tastes, discover Lebanese tabbouleh, feel the taste of sesame tahini, learn to cook the juicy and savoury meat in the original tagine.

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