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Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, the eternal city of Rome, the world capital of fashion and design, Milan, Venice carnival, vineyards and olive groves of Tuscany, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, temperament as hot as Etna, sunny Mediterranean beaches, aromatic chianti, oven pizza, pasta cooked in a million of ways and compelling tiramisu. Mamma Mia!
It is the Italian La Dolce Vita!


Melody instead of words

The Italian language, due to its melody, is considered one of the most beautiful languages ​​in the world.

It is also one of the most pleasant languages to learn. Some people even claim that Italian is not words, it is pure melody. Additionally, thanks to its easy grammar, the Italian language is very simple, especially at the beginning of learning. Everyone can sing Volare, Felicita, or Lasciatemi cantare ...


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Fifth in the world

Italy is the fifth most visited country in the world. Each year millions of tourists from all over the world are attracted there! However, going for the less popular places, you should know at least a few Italian phrases.


But Italian is not just Italy. It is an official language also in Switzerland, San Marino, the Vatican and in Istria belonging to Croatia and Slovenia.

It is also very often used in France and Malta and the former Italian colonies (Albania, Ethiopia, and Libya) as well as in clusters of Italian emigration in Argentina, Australia, the United States and Tunisia.
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Museo della pasta

Italy without pasta is like Paris without the Eiffel Tower or the United Kingdom without the Queen. If, as every true Italian, you love pasta in any form, you have to visit the museum of Italian pasta, which is located in the heart of the Eternal City. Apparently the Italians are said to know as many as 300 types of pasta!

Italian pasta

So before you start your pasta adventure, take a language course and check the pronunciation of gnocchi, tagliatelle and conchiglioni, not to offend any Italians)

Fiera del Tortufo

Italians are true lovers of delicious food and that is why the most popular mushroom festival in the world cannot be held anywhere else but in Italy.

Every autumn in Piedmont there is a huge fair where you can taste the best truffles, go to a concert or take part in a donkey race.

Italian coffee

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In the maze

Did we mention that Italians love to play?

Perhaps that is why the largest maze in the world was built in Italy. It occupies an area of 8 hectares and the length of the corridors is 3 kilometres. The culmination of the adventure is the art gallery located right in the middle and the library with 15 thousand books!

Giardino di labirinto

Before you get lost in the world's largest labyrinth, sign up for a course and learn Italian, to know how to ask for directions :)

The Battle of the Oranges

Italians are a nation of unprecedented temperament. They love to laugh and have fun, the best example is the La battaglia delle arance - the Battle of Oranges. In the last week of the carnival in the town of Ivrea, hundreds of locals and tourists start the battle, in which the ammunition consists of 300 tons of soft and ripe oranges.

La battaglia delle arance

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