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First associations with Sweden? Ikea, Abba, Volvo. But Sweden is also the breathtaking scenery led by Lapland and Öland, the fabulous auroras, moose proudly walking the streets, delicious cinnamon buns and the daily ritual - fika.

The Swedish flag

Not only Sweden

Swedish is the official language not only in Sweden but also in Finland. You will be able to communicate with Norwegians and understand texts written in Danish. Believe us, it is easier than a conversation between a Czech and a Pole. Is it not the reason enough to start learning? Sign up now!

Interestingly, Swedish belongs to the group of Germanic languages which also includes English and German. As a result, they have similar grammar and vocabulary.

Scandinavian languages


Carefree Allemansrätten

Did you know that Sweden has an unwritten law saying that every person has the right to contact with nature?

As a result everyone can benefit from the forests, both public and private, collect mushrooms, berries, herbs and flowers. Each tourist can pitch a tent almost anywhere, even on private property, provided that they do not bother anyone.

Dog sledding in Sweden

As you can see, travelling around Sweden does not have to be expensive and Swedish language skills will further your learning about the culture and customs of the country. With Allemansrätten you can pack your backpack and tent even today and embark on a journey into the unknown!

Design at your fingertips

Scandinavia is known for its unique design, as we can see by following the latest interior design magazines and blogs.

With the knowledge of the Swedish language you will gain access to the most current materials on architecture and design. Who knows, maybe you will start a blog and share the latest trends with others?

Nordic design

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The world leaders

Where is there the best life in the world? Of course, in Scandinavia!

Sweden, together with its Scandinavian neighbours continually leads the rankings of the best countries to live in. Interestingly, up to 96% of Swedes feel respected citizens in their own country. This is the highest score in the whole of Scandinavia!


Are you thinking about going abroad? Start by learning the Swedish language. Who would not want to live in a country in which life is pleasant and prosperous ...

The kingdom of crime stories

Sweden is the undisputed kingdom of crime stories ruled by Camilla Läckberg, Stieg Larsson and Hennig Mankell.

With the knowledge of their native language, you can read Swedish crime stories in the original, even before the translated versions are available in our native bookshops. Your friends anxiously waiting for the next volume of Fjällbace Saga can only envy you...

Swedish seal of quality

Magical Midsommar

The shortest night of the year is the most magical day in Sweden. And although it is often considered pagan, for many people in Sweden it is more important than Christmas. It is an all-night feast, accompanied by traditional rituals, fortune-telling, songs, dances, herrings and the mysterious herbal drink.

If you want to experience the most exciting night in your life, check the date of the next Midsommar now, book your flight and start learning Swedish! Sign up now!

Swedish Midsommar tradition

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