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Big Ben, tea with the Queen, David Beckham, double decker buses, men in kilts, Wales with cliff coasts, relaxed policemen, fish & chips for dinner and bacon and eggs for breakfast. Great Britain? Feel invited!

English flag

Or maybe ... the sunny beaches of Miami, wild Alaska, the really Grand Canyon, shopping on 5th Avenue and walking around Central Park? Make your American Dream come true!

Los Angeles by night

Today's Esperanto

English is the most popular language in the world.

According to estimates it is spoken by nearly 1.5 billion people on all the continents. It is described as the first universal language of mankind. It is the official language in dozens of countries, including the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Did you know that 80% of Internet users communicate in the language of Shakespeare? And you - do you really not know your English yet?Do You Speak English?

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A window into the world

English is the language of science, business, international cooperation and diplomacy. It enables studying and working in most countries in the world. Communicative English is also a prerequisite of getting a job in the majority of large companies in Poland. 

Work abroad

With the knowledge of English you will be able to communicate freely with foreigners and travel the world. English will enable you to watch films unavailable in Poland, understand song lyrics, read new publications and international newspapers, as well as surf the Internet without language restrictions.

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Cheese rolling

The seemingly phlegmatic English also love play.

Every year, for two hundred years, in the south of England the Cheese Rolling Festival has been held - a competition in which daredevils race against a rolling 9 lb round of cheese. The winner is the first to grab the cheese, and the prize is, of course, the cheese itself.

If you have managed to win this injury-prone competition, remember to thank for winning in English! Express yourself!

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Glory to lawnmowers

Near Liverpool there is the world's only Lawnmower Museum.

The British, who meticulously look after their household lawns, decided to honour lawnmowers in this way. In the museum you can see lawn mowers from 200 years ago and the latest wonders of cutting-edge technology. There are also lawnmowers of famous Britons', including Prince Charles'. The Museum organizes its annual lawnmower race.

Oh, English humour!Big Ben

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Roller coaster

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Start learning English today, to ride the highest roller coaster in the world soon!

The flag of the USA

The highest roller coaster is being built in Orlando in the United States. It is called The Skyscraper, is over 150 meters high and will run at the neck breaking speed of over 100 km/h. You're in for an unforgettable adventure!

A paradise for book lovers

If instead of insane fun you prefer to spend your time reading books, go to the Library of Congress - the largest library in the world. It stores more than 142 million documents, including more than 29 million books and 500,000 movies. It employs as many as 5000 people. It is a real paradise for every bibliophile. Remember that the majority of books gathered there are in English ;)

The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

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