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Spain? You think: spontaneous Barcelona, lively Madrid, the beaches of the Costa Brava, Flamenco in Andalusia, tapas on the table, and sangria on a hot day.

Madrit, Spain

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Samba in Rio

Or maybe the hot rhythms of samba in Rio or seductive Argentine tango or Mexican chilli con carne?

Samba dancer

Spanish is not only the Iberian Peninsula, but also the whole of Latin America. After all the Spanish empire was once one of the greatest powers in the world. Get to know the culture of these countries by studying their language!

Today, Spanish is the official language in 21 countries and is spoken by over 426 million people worldwide.

The world's second largest

Spanish is the second largest most frequently used international language in the world (after Chinese). That is why the knowledge of Spanish greatly increases the chances of finding employment in one of the fastest growing markets.

¿Hablas español?

It is estimated that by 2050 the United States of America will have been the country with the largest number of Spanish-speaking people.

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La Tomatina

Social life in Spanish-speaking countries is booming. Spaniards love their fiestas and siestas, and most of all sport (football is almost a religion to them), and any opportunity to spend time in the cheerful company of friends. Who would not want to take part in the famous tomato battle of "La Tomatina"?

La Tomatina Festival

Joy of life

In Spain the wine battle takes place as well, where thousands of people pour wine on each other until they are all soaked wet (and it is for free!).
The Spanish joy of living is very contagious, so once you start to learn their language and culture - you will never stop! :)
Flamenco dresses in Malaga, Spain

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