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A walk around the Cracow Planty Park and shopping in the Cloth Hall, dumplings with gravy, juicy apples of Polish orchards, fragrant bread straight from the bakery, lakes and rivers full of fish, Polish women of Slavic beauty.

Discover Poland!

National costumes of Poland

High stability

Polish economy is characterized by high macroeconomic stability, educated and competent staff and stable economic growth. Poland is becoming one of the most attractive countries for foreign investors. It is here that the biggest companies from around the world are opening their branches, and their number is constantly growing.

The knowledge of the Polish language does not only make it easier to find a job in the country on the Vistula River, but also getting to know our culture and traditions.

Polish apple orchard

Explore Poland

Ballooning, kayaking, rafting, sailing weekends, scuba diving, off-road, mountain climbing and hiking, and maybe a fishing boat trip to catch some cod? Check how much Poland has to offer. It is a country with access to the sea, mountains, beautiful forests and lakes. Discover the meeting place of the cultures of the East and West. Take a journey back in time visiting Polish castles and fortresses. Get to know our history and culture learning the Polish language.

Ksiaz castle

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The menu for true connoisseurs

Polish cuisine is not only borscht, chicken soup and sausage. It is also dishes unknown to many from outside our country that can satisfy even the greatest connoisseurs. Our national dishes surprise with their names, appearance and exceptional taste. If you have a firm resolve to learn the Polish language, you will soon go out on a culinary journey of life to pursue the traditional Polish dishes! You will order delicious dumplings (pierogi), unique stew with mushrooms and plums (bigos) and sour soup cooked on boletus (żurek) - naming all of them flawlessly.

Only in Poland will you try fresh venison from the surrounding forests, tartare of beef and delicious curdled milk. Will you remember the ribs in honey? Not without a reason in Poland there reigns a saying "through the stomach to the heart" :) Experience the taste! Sign up now!

Storks in Poland

Wild West and the pyramids

We are a very entertaining, resourceful and self-reliant nation.

To visit the Western City - the city of real cowboys - there is no need to fly to the other end of the world, you may simply go to Lower Silesia. If you prefer to experience the ancient atmosphere, visit the Pyramid of Horus built according to the rules prevailing in Ancient Egypt, but located in Lubuskie Province. And while in Świebodzin, you will also see the world's tallest statue of Jesus, which is 36 meters high!

Jesus Christ statue in Swiebodzin

And if that was not enough for you, you can always visit the upside-down house located in the Kashubian region. Remember that in all these places we use Polish!

Polish ice cream over Michigan

Chicago, situated on the shores of the largest freshwater lake in the US, hosts the largest concentration of Poles and Polish Americans outside Poland. So if you wanted to have some ice-cream at Lake Michigan, go ahead and order it in Polish).

But Poland and the United States are not the only countries where they speak Polish. Nearly 50 million users of the language can be found in countries such as Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Canada, Brazil, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and France.

Tatra mountains

One of a kind

Christmas is the most important and most solemn holiday in Poland.

For most of us it is a magical time, always spent in the company of our loved ones. We look forward to the first star, sing carols, eat 12 dishes and leave one vacant seat for a stranger, whom we are always happy to host on that special day. If you want to be such a stranger on Christmas Eve, learn Polish and experience the most beautiful holiday of your life! Sign up now!

Polish Christmas red borscht with dumplings

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