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The largest country in the world? Russia, of course! With the powerful Kremlin, the capital of ballet - St. Petersburg, the deepest lake in the world - Baikal, icy Irkutsk and the wilderness of Siberia.

Kremlin Russia

Officially and unofficially

The Russian language is used by nearly 300 million people worldwide. It is the official language not only in Russia but also in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. It is one of the six official languages ​​of the United Nations.

It occupies a leading position in terms of popularity, mainly due to the fact that it is also used in many countries where it has no official status including the United States, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Greece, Finland and Ukraine.

Do you speak Russian?

In Poland it is still one of the most popular foreign languages ​​known to Poles.

Clutching a green stone in your palm

A dream trip by train? Yes, by Trans-Siberian Rail, which is unique in the world! And it is because of its length of nearly 9,000 kilometres!

Book a week off and select the longest train journey ever. To cover the distance from Moscow to Vladivostok you will need as many as 6 days and 4 hours!

Russian babushki

And how to survive such a distance not knowing the language of your fellow travellers? Sign up now!

Attractive and unknown

If you are fed up with popular destinations and tourists asking you to take photos of them almost everywhere, why not go to St. Petersburg? According to UNESCO ranking, it is one of the most attractive tourist cities in the world.

The city prides itself on 220 museums, 80 theatres, more than 2,000 libraries and 62 cinemas. However, only 15% of the people in the world know of its existence and tourist values.

Saint Petersburg ballet

The knowledge of Russian will definitely help you in exploring this city full of cultural attractions and undiscovered spots.

Save time

If you constantly lack time, go to Russia!

There are 9 time zones there! The end of the day in Chukotka is the beginning of the day in Kaliningrad. In Moscow alone there should be 2 time zones. So, if you have not done your task on time, you can always take the trip and go back in time :) 

National costume of Russia

And if you want to ask the time, make sure you do it in Russian! Sign up now!

The national feast

Forget the stereotype of a gloomy Russian! Russians are extremely sociable and cheerful people.

Long feasts are almost a national tradition. During such events Russians constantly laugh, rise endless toasts and try to eat everything prepared by the hosts. It is not easy, at all, because there is always too much food to eat.

Remember that in Russia guests never come up empty-handed. They usually bring some flowers, cake, wine or something sweet. It is also good manners to speak Russian there.


Ded Moroz (a fictional character similar to Father Christmas)

The most important holiday in Russia is the New Year, which is celebrated with more gusto than Christmas.

On this very day there arrives Ded Moroz with gifts for the household. Baking dumplings with treats is an additional attraction. If you find a coin inside - the new year will be very prosperous. A sweet dumpling means love, and a salty one problems and tears.

If you are bored with the Polish New Year's Eve or want to get one more winter gift, make sure you go to Russia then. Remember, however, that the chances of a gift grow along with the knowledge of Russian).

Russian symbols

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